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Russian Xmas Festival 05/07 jan 2014 Goa


05 January 2014 15:00 - 07 January 2014 22:00

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Saligao, Goa, India

Russian Xmas Festival 05/07 jan 2014 Goa
Russian X-Mas Fest is the most exited, well prepared and awaited annual event in dance paradise of Goa. For the last 12 years the best World's Djs, artists, VJs and performers unite thousands people to celebrate together a happiness of that magic day.
Russian Xmas Festival - "Met the Aliens" - 05/07 jan 2014 - Goa
Russian X-mas Fest 2014 dates are 05-07 January 2014. Goa.
Peace, love, dance, music, happiness, trance, Goa !!!
Russian Christmas is the main mystic celebration for all Russians. And the best reason to celebrate 48 hours non stop party.
Russian trance parties are famous and beloved by the Goan trance tribe since the end of the 90-s. And 2001 was the first time when Russian based "Goa Freaks Community"
decided to spread its vision in your psychedelic brains. Since that day, even in a hard times when all parties were banned, RCF dancefloor sound was blowing Goa for at least 2 days.
Year by year the the festival has reached the maximum level of production, decoration, hi-technological achievements and the line up, of course.
Every year it surprise the attenders with the new concept, that develops the annual story of multidimensional travelling of Santa the Russian , started in 2001.
Line up:
I understand it is too early to plan the line up , but as all of you know, Russian X-Mas Fest is a very prepared party , that amazes all its fans and goers with the new concept for the last 12 (!) years..
So on behalf of Goa Freaks Community I would like to ask those DJs and musicians who is thinking to be in Goa in a very beginning of January to contact to me if they want to participate in Goa's most special 2 days Event - RCF 2014.
Thanx a lot,mates
will be announced soon....
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